Growing as a Mobile Engineer

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Growing as a Mobile Engineer

Gergely Orosz
3 ratings

Growing to the senior and above senior mobile engineering levels. A book for iOS and Android engineers, and mobile engineering managers.

Table of Contents

PART 1: Growing as a Mobile Engineers

1. Map Out Opportunities to Grow

2. Typical Mobile Engineering Level Definitions

3. Professional Growth Versus Promotions

4. Mentoring

5. Changing Jobs

6. Down-Leveling When Changing Jobs

PART 2: Growing to Senior

7. Master Your Main Stack

8. Get Familiar With the Other Stack(s)

9. Become More Product-Minded

10. Get More Feedback

11. Lead a Full-Stack Project

12. Ask For That Promotion

PART 3: Beyond Senior Levels

13. The Challenge of Moving Beyond the Senior Level

14. The “Glass Ceiling” for Mobile Engineers

15. Go Broad or Go Deep

16. Understand the Business and Get Involved

17. Quantify Your Impact

18. Connect with Industry Peers

19. Public Writing and Speaking

20. Leaving Mobile Engineering to Further Your Career

21. It’s Not Meant to Be Easy

PART 4: Mobile Engineering Management

22. Mobile Platform Teams

23. Mobile-Only Career Limitations for Managers

24. Advocating for Senior+ Mobile Engineering Roles

PART 5: Mobile Learnings From My Time at Uber

25. Platforms and Programs

26. What Good Mobile Architecture Looks Like

27. Hundreds of Mobile Engineers Working Together

28. I’m Actually Not an Android / iOS Engineer

29. Core and Optional Mobile Code & Modules

30. Mobile Oncall

It’s All Software Engineering

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If you're not happy, I'm not happy. Don't get what you expect? Email me at growing@pragmaticengineer.com and I'll issue a refund.

I want this!

You get the book as PDF, EPUB and MOBI versions

PDF Length
70 pages (PDF)
MOBI Length
100 pages


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