The Tech Resume Inside-Out: Complete Package

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What a good developer resume looks like, and how to write one.

I've reviewed hundreds of developer resumes at tech companies like Microsoft, Skype, and Uber. This guide helps you craft a developer resume that represents you better, and thus increases your chances of making it through the screening process at tech companies. In this guide you'll get:

215 pages of specific advice and examples. What recruiters really care about, how to optimize for the first glance, what good structure looks like, avoiding biases and many other topics.

The hiring pipeline at Big Tech. Have you ever wondered what happens with your resume after you submit it, at big tech companies? The guide pulls the curtain behind the scenes from ATS systems, inbound sourcers, recruiters, and hiring managers and how they each look at resumes.

Principles to stand out with your resume - straight from the people running the hiring process. With insights from hiring managers and tech recruiters at Google, Facebook, and other tech companies.

Resume templates. The guide comes with 3 resume templates tailored for positions in tech. It analyzes further 10 popular resume templates for developers, giving trusted recommendations on formats to use - and ones to avoid, with links to all of them.

What others are saying

"Being able to represent yourself well to hiring managers when applying for jobs is half of the battle. I've never read such an actionable guide to getting your resume in order, which can be the differentiator in a crowded job market."

- James Stanier, SVP Engineering at Brandwatch, author of Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager

"I applied changes to my resume based on the book and got interviews from Facebook, Google, Stripe, and Databricks. I guess the changes partially helped get here. I'm now busy preparing for the interviews!"

- Alex L., Senior software engineer & team lead

"I've been a hiring manager for 25 years now and I can find little substantive to add to the excellent advice in the book. here seems to be an inverse relationship between the awesomeness of the best developers I've ever hired and the impact of their CVs. Hopefully, this helps the stars stand out more effectively!"

- Steve Ball, CTO at several high-growth startups

"I redid my CV following the advice in the book. The response rate for my applications increased by a large margin. A few weeks later, I had multiple, good offers. I just started at my new job - thank you!"

- David Kiss, senior software engineer

"This guide has served to me as a glue to all the advice I've received from others and my reading. Simply put: a resume's purpose makes more sense and I feel much more empowered in my career."

- Maroof Haque, full-stack software developer at IBM


Who is this book for?

The book is tailored for developers and engineering managers applying for positions. It is especially relevant for tech companies with US headquarters, for the "big tech" companies, unicorns, and fast-growing tech startups. The principles of the guide likely translate to other companies.

Are there more comprehensive guides than this one that I can access?

I've been trying to recommend a single resource that is tailored for developer resumes. The best resource I previously recommended was The Google Resume book. However, this book is out of print, and it is somewhat out of date. As of 2020, I do not know of a more comprehensive resource for developers, and for tech positions.

Is this guide relevant during the COVID-19 situation?

I want to make sure you're happy with the purchase. If you are not happy, for whatever reason, send a message to book (at) and you'll get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Can I read a sample before buying?

Sure! Read samples of a few chapters here.

About the author

As a hiring manager, I've reviewed hundreds of developer resumes at Uber and Skyscanner. In May 2020, I offered to give resume feedback for developers impacted by COVID-19. I was overwhelmed, with over 300 requests. That's when I decided to write this book.

As I did some early research, I noticed how there is much confusing and incorrect information on the internet on tech resumes. I wanted this book to be both useful and factually correct. So I reached out to the most experienced technical recruiters and hands-on hiring managers in my network for help. About two dozen professionals offered to help with additional input and reviews.

The result is this book, that is likely the most complete resource for developer and engineering manager resumes as of 2020. I hope it will help you in your job search!

Follow me on Twitter at @GergelyOrosz, connect on Linkedin, or read my blog on software engineering at

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The Tech Resume Inside-Out: Complete Package

10 ratings
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